Sensation Problems of Using Historical Language of Students:Semantic Association, Phonetic Association and Lose of Term

Erhan Metin


The aim of the study is to define the problems arising from language use in history courses by analyzing the connection between history education and language in a spectrum from students and to establish the characteristics of the historical language used in history education from the perspective of students. Furthermore, the study offers a unique model regarding how the connection between history education and language should be analyzed.In the research, descriptive research model was adopted. The research data was obtained from literature reviews, observations and interviews. The collected data classified as quantitative and qualitative. A sample of four schools, nine teachers and three-hundred-sixty students is selected to establish the characteristics of historical language use of teachers, students and course books. By Permission of Cankiri Provincial Directorate for National Education, observations with three-hundred-sixty students and nine teachers from Anatolian High School, Anatolian Teachers’ High School, Anatolian Vocational High School and Anatolian Technical High School were carried out. In addition to observation forms, cameras and audio recorders were used in order to record the observations. Data related to in class historical language use of both teachers and students are obtained from these observations. Moreover, interviews with students were carried out and recorded. Data related to the historical language use of students included in the sample by content analysis method.


History Education, Language, Historical Language, Historian, Course book, History Teacher, Historical Colloquial Language, Historical Literary Language, Semantic Association, Phonetic Association

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