Spiritual dominance of the Sakha people traditional belief in the personality development of children

Mariia Baisheva, Antonina Grigoryeva, Anna Neustroeva, Tatyana Borisova, Evdokia Sidorova, Tamara Iliynova


The relevance of the article stems from the need to comprehend the spiritual dominance of the traditional belief of the Sakha people. The essential idea of the article is to consider the religious worldview of the Sakha people as a source of spiritual values. The purpose of the article is to justify the spiritual potential of the Sakha people in the personality development of their children. The scientific novelty of the article is to provide the most comprehensive picture of the existing views of the researchers on the issue of the beliefs of the Sakha people and the rationale for it as a source of the self-organizing system of personal spiritual formation. Research methods: Dialectic and Indigenous Methodology. The main part of the article is the concept of "Ichi" (spirits) and nine Tusculums (programmes) of the supreme Gods as sources of human spirituality. The findings of the study are reflected in the conclusion.


spiritual dominance; Tengriism; Ichi concept; the program of spirituality; establishment; personality.

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