The Engagement of Learning Management on Civic Education for Civic Disposition Building in Senior High School

Sarkadi Sarkadi, Dini Nur Fadhillah


The implementation of the curriculum in Indonesia has an impact on the engagement of learning management in civic education in senior high school. Adjustment of the learning process is made by civic education teachers to build civic disposition in students. The purpose of this study is to describe the learning management in civic education to be achieved more effectively, efficiently, and productively. This study uses a qualitative method. Data was collected by interviews with 14 civic education teachers, 10 senior high school students, and two senior high school principals in Jakarta. Interviews were conducted for 120 minutes 3 times before and after the learning process took place. To present display data in qualitative research with narrative-evoking texts. The results of this study indicate that to be able to build civic disposition, civic education teachers should apply learning plans, learning implementations, and learning evaluations. Therefore, students can be responsive and proactive to the material taught. Civic disposition helped students understanding the material of human rights and the obligations of citizens in the life of the nation and state. To improve students in civic disposition building, teachers must start learning by using management. Based on theoretical practice, the teacher can improve learning innovation to build civic disposition with learning media and good learning strategies. On the other side, students able to show the attitude of civic disposition in the community.


management learning; civic education; civic disposition; senior high school

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