Factors Affecting Z Generation on Selecting Majors in The University: an Indonesian Case

Farida Aryani, Nur Fadhilah Umar


This research aims to identify the factors influencing students in deciding their university majors, particularly in Indonesia. This study uses a quantitative correlational design aimed to determine the relationship between internal and external factors influencing students in deciding their university major. The study involved 200 senior high school students, categorized as Generation Z in the last grade (50% boys and 50% girls), from two districts in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia—Maros and Makassar—chosen through a purposive sampling method. The career selection instrument was adapted from career choice questionnaire (CCQ), and students’ major selections were identified using the major selection survey. Findings show that internal factors influencing Gen Z in selecting their university majors include families, academic achievements, and culture, while the influential external factor is the quality of education. Another finding showed that Gen Z are more influenced by internal rather than external factors in deciding their university majors.


generation Z, selecting majors, career choice, senior high school students

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