Pedagogical Potential of Muslim Religious Sources in Overcoming Physical and Mental and Psychological Trials

Tahir Aminov, Timur Magsumov, Ruslan Sayakhov, Vladimir Yepaneshnikov, Ilshat Nasipov, Valerie Aitov


The article describes the educational opportunities of Muslim religious sources in overcoming difficult life situations by a person. An individual can not claim to be completely aware of the causes of any problems, but he or she ought to learn how to develop an adequate attitude to the very fact of their occurrence. Trials should be taken as instructive lessons and not be forgotten. Besides, the moral should be drawn both from our own and others' experiences, showing gratitude for the existing goodness. An important factor of moral support to people facing trial in the form of physical abnormalities in health is to maintain a good climate in society and the inadmissibility of ridicule. It is very significant, both for the people who need special care, and for society as a whole to involve actively in society’s productive life with all its components. One of the key points is that society has the right to count on support and care, as long as it supports and protects the most infirm of its members. The sources also contain practical advice the person caught in a difficult situation and experiencing personal crisis phenomena.

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