School Supervision Practices in the Indonesian Education System; Perspectives and Challenges

Ikhfan Haris, fory Naway, Wiwik T. Pulukadang, Hiroko Takeshita, Inero V. Ancho


The purpose of this study is to provide information on the perspectives, practices and challenges of the school supervision in the Indonesian education system. The paper reviewed and analyzed the organizational structure of supervision services in the Indonesian educational system, as well as types of supervisions; purpose of supervisions and supervisor roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, the paper explores the selection of supervisors and tenure; resourcing and training of school supervisors. A detailed analysis of the role of stakeholders in supervision activities and feedback mechanisms of the result of school supervision is also included in this paper. Finally, the paper also discuss and examine major challenges face by school supervisor and opportunities of school supervision in Indonesia and the way forward as suggestion/recommendation of this study.


education, school, supervision, supervisor, system

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