Typical Literary Works of Pesantren on Righteousness Teaching within Cultural Transformation

Fadlil Munawwar Manshur


This study explores the role and contribution of the Kyai in creating Islamic works of Arabic literature (Al-Adab Al-'Arabi) typical of Islamic boarding schools and elaborates on the intensive transformation of Kyai Sundanese Islamic boarding schools to Arabic books. Using the approach and analysis of the theory of cultural transformation, this study succeeded in dissecting Arabic literature works of Islamic boarding schools as a medium of learning and transformation of Islamic culture. The study shows the transformation characteristics in books in mixed Arabic and Sundanese-Javanese languages such as the Al-Barzanjy, Ad-Diba'iy, and Al-Burdah books are one of the distinct advantages of Arabic literary works typical of pesantren. Books contains goodness teachings and guidelines for life for Muslim communities. The Kyai disseminates the recitation of books in Arabic, which is typical of 'pesantren' (Islamic boarding school) to the students and the community around the pesantren. Interestingly, this characteristic is what makes Arabic literary works typical of Islamic boarding schools able to develop a sense of language and literature sensitivity (Al-Tadzawwuq Al-Adabi), build character education for santri (students), create tasamuh (tolerance) and give birth to cultural transformation of Islamic society in Indonesia, especially Islamic boarding schools in West java. This finding is expected to be a reference source to encourage the development of traditional pesantren and Arabic books, which experience many of the modernization challenges transformations. The government also needs to support efforts to preserve Islamic culture by learning Arabic literary works typical of pesantren for the archipelago's Islamic community. This is very useful for increasing Arabic literary literacy considering that Arabic literary works and the transformation of Arabic books are needed for the advancement of science.


Cultural Transformation,Literary,Pesantren, Righteousness Teaching.

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