The Role of Media in Geography Courses from the Perspectives of Pre-Service Social Studies Teachers

Cemalettin Ayas


In this article, the authors explore the social studies teacher candidates’ understanding of the role of media in geography courses which they took. Qualitative research techniques were used in the study designed using phenomenological pattern. The study was conducted with 134 pre-service social studies teachers at a state university’s Faculty of Education, Department of Social Studies Education in the 2013-2014 academic year. Data were collected via semi-structured interview technique. Data of the study were analyzed by using qualitative descriptive analysis. According to results from the analysis, social studies teacher candidates have been accessing the geographical knowledge mostly by means of internet, but they didn’t use internet fruitful. Teacher candidates thought that their geography lecturers have not been using media in geography courses adequately. After appointment to teacher profession, they will have used instructional media technologies effectively.


Sosyal bilgiler öğretmen adayı, coğrafya dersi, medya kullanımı, öğretmen yetiştirme, içerik analizi.

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