The Policy of Local Government to Implement Peace Education at Secondary School Post Armed Conflict in Aceh Indonesia

Suadi Zainal, Saifuddin Yunus, Fadli Jalil, Aizat Khairi


This study aims to describe the policies adopted by the Aceh government in implementing peace education in secondary schools. In order to achieve the purpose, this study used the qualitative descriptive method with a case study design. This study involved 17 participants consists of officials of education office and teachers of civic and religious education. The data was collected with in-depth interview and study document, and then data was analyzed using Creswell’s spiral data analysis. The result showed that the Aceh government did not use the normative and sociological chances to make a regulatory policy to implement peace education in schools. The regulatory policy focused more on implementing Islamic-based education following national standards. Because the Aceh peace agreement used the concept of human rights to regulate education in Aceh, and the new Law for Aceh does not explicitly regulate Aceh education reform for peacebuilding. Accordingly, peace education was considered to include in religious and civic education at secondary schools. The fact had implications for differences in understanding and implementation of peace education at secondary schools. Therefore, future research needs to be carried out to understand the authority of the Aceh Province in reforming and restructuring national education to incorporate peace as long-term peacebuilding. The study highlights the reforming education system needed to develop a peace-related education curriculum in this region. The study suggests the Indonesian Government make a regulation that encourages the Aceh government to develop and implement peace education in secondary schools.


peace; peace education; school; policy; Aceh Government

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