An Investigation into the Organization Levels of Social Studies Teachers with regard to Constructivist Learning Environments in Terms of Several Variables

Hüseyin Çalışkan


The purpose of this research project was to evaluate the performance and conditions of elementary-level social studies teachers, and how such variables affect their overall ability to create a constructivist learning environment. The research group was composed of 241 social studies teachers. A Turkish translation of the work “Constructivist Learning Environment Scale” by Tenenbaum, Naidu, Jegede & Austin (2001), adapted by Fer & Cırık (2006), was used as a guide for data collection. This research shows that the teachers were largely successful in creating the constructivist learning environment, but that by far the most pertinent factor in the success or failure in creating such an atmosphere is the geographical location of the school in relation to an urban center.


Social studies, teacher, constructivist learning environments

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