Enhancing Student Entrepreneurship Education Model through Design Thinking and Lean Canvas Approaches

Muhammad Fikry Aransyah, Finnah Fourqoniah, Lilia Pasca Riani


The aim of this study is to develop a student entrepreneurship education model that integrates design thinking and is then tackled through the lean canvas. This entrepreneurship education integrates the design thinking model into the creative problem-solving process and finding solutions to problems is the key of the lean canvas. The solutions generated must be able to be translated into a unique value proposition and supported by ownership of a competitive advantage that is difficult to imitate by competitors. In Lean Canvas, merely being a pioneer in a new market cannot be considered as competition. Further activities for the development of entrepreneurship competencies include expanding knowledge, changing the mindset, motivating, increasing knowledge, improving skills, and the ability to develop businesses through training and mentoring in entrepreneurship, business incubation, and national virtual entrepreneurship competitions. The study was conducted at Mulawarman University. Data was collected through observation, interview, and documentation techniques; and then analysed descriptively. The results showed that entrepreneurship education based on design thinking and lean canvas requires integration and synergies between entrepreneurship through the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Collaboration Model. Entrepreneurship education activities and methods include lectures, training, coaching, and business plan competitions, as well as business incubation. Entrepreneurship lectures are designed to create an entrepreneurial development process based on the region and strengthening collaborations among Associations, Businesses, Communities, Governments, and Media (ABCGM) ecosystems. Furthermore, the entrepreneurship education program introduces entrepreneurial thinking patterns and business planning through design thinking. Business coaching and business incubation are used to develop advanced entrepreneurship competencies and run or develop businesses. Business incubation in Lean Canvas also heavily emphasizes the validation of the compatibility between the problem and the solution, and the compatibility between the problem and the market.


ABCGM; business coaching; business incubation; design thinking; entrepreneurship education; lean canvas

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