Reconfiguring Localization Quality Assessment for Video Games

Agung Prasetyo Wibowo, Mangatur Rudolf Nababan, Riyadi Santosa, Diah Kristina


Studies conducted on localization quality assessment (LQA) on video games from interdisciplinary perspectives, dominantly employ studies on media, demarcating it from their derivative concerns like environmental issues. We argue that LQA on video games requires reconstruction from eco-criticism perspectives, because electronic waste (E-waste) of video games has been a serious concern since the legalization of European Union 2003 on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Analysing the uplift in file size and extra power consumption exposed from purposively selected twenty game titles, this article proposes the possibilities to construct eco-criticism based LQA. Video game localization scholars and practitioners could benefit from the proposed LQA to appraise possible environmental issues emerging from the localization process.


localization quality assessment, video game translation, e-waste, ecocriticism, video games

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