The Effectiveness of a Counselling Program Based on Play in Reducing Sleep Disorders in Children of Sexual Abuse

Ola Abd alkareem alhwayan, Fayez Mahamid


This study aimed to test the effectiveness of a counseling program based on play in reducing sleep disorders in children of sexual abuse. The participants were 3 male and 3 female children who were sexually abused and registered at Al Hussein Social Foundation of the Ministry of Social Development in Amman, Jordan. They participated in a play-based group counseling program for 15 sessions. The results indicated the effectiveness of the counseling programs in decreasing sleep disorder symptoms in these children. Based on the results, the study recommends using similar methods for other counseling patients who suffer from sleep disorders, such as traumatized children, juvenile delinquents, and children with chronic and intractable diseases, and constructing counseling programs to reduce sleep disorders based on other therapeutic approaches such as drama, narrative therapy and emotion-centered theory.


Counseling Program, Play therapy, Wake up and sleep disorders, Children of sexual abuse

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