Literature and Cinema: Ways of Interaction in the 21ST Century

Zulfiya Zinnatullina, Diana Davletbaeva, Rezeda Mukhametshina


The research is based on the analysis of interaction of different forms of art: cinema and literature.   Since the moment of emergence, cinema is in very close connection with literature. It is possible to speak about the variety of types of relationship existing today between cinema and literature. For a long time it was considered that cinema plays a secondary role in comparison with literature. The only possible algorithm of interaction between these types of arts is "literary work-scenario-screen version". However, there is a strong tendency towards the impact of cinema on setting new trends in literature. Along with the traditional “literary work – scenario – screen version” algorithm we also consider "literary work – scenario – screen version – literary work" (when details which appeared in the screen version influence the following parts of a literary work) or "scenario – movie – literary work" (when a literary work is created on the basis of the original scenario or the movie). Today writers and directors look for new ways of transferring of one art form’s peculiarities into another. As a result we can speak about the existing interdependence between them.


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