The Efficiency of Being Scientific Value Focused Character

Ahmet Katilmis, Halil Eksi, Cemil Ozturk


The value of being scientific is taken place among direct values in 7th grade Social Studies curriculum and in this study, it was aimed to determinate the effect of the social studies inte-grated character education program on being scientific value. In this study, pretest-posttest quasi-experimental design was used and a character education program and a measurement tool were developed in connection with social studies course aims. In this context, a course schedule was prepared for 12 hours and to measure the effect of this program on being scientific value, 5 point Likert scale was developed. Besides, to de-termine the reasons of the students's choices, a semi-structured interview form was developed. After those preliminaries, the researcher began to the implementation phase. The im-plementation phase was fulfilled in spring term of 2008, in Umraniye district of Istanbul and in a state school. Before the implementation phase, a class was determined as experimental group while another was chosen as control group. Equivalance of the groups was determined through statistical procedures. The social studies integrated character education program which is focus on being scientific value was implemented to the experimental group and the normal program was implemented to the control group. The implementation phase was proceeded throughout 12 hours and 3 hours each week. After this, it was found that being scientific value supported character education program had statistically meaningful effect on students' development level of being scientific.


Being scientific, values education, social studies, character education

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