Glocal Vision to Deconstruct Internationalization in Indonesian Higher Education

Nursalam Nursalam


Glocal vision, a combination of words from globalization and localization "Think Globally, Act Locally, by requires students to have global and broad thinking but are implemented based on local wisdom so without leaving the local culture. This study aims to identify the features do students perceive the implementation of glocal vision curriculum and students’ perception on the implementation of glocal vision to deconstructing internationalization. This study involved 383 students as study subjects from each tertiary institution. Glocal Engagement Framework (GEF) as a framework for international justice that is fair, inclusive, and diverse. The results of this study indicate that the use of the glocal vision curriculum fosters students’ attitudes that can affect the internationalization aspect of higher education. In concluding this study, critical questions were raised for further study, and recommendations were made to embed the GEF in the mainstream curriculum transformation agenda in international higher education. The perceive and perception of higher students will demonstrate their commitment by providing adequate resources to deconstruct internationalization in their respective higher education through the glocal vision curriculum.


glocal vision curriculum, glocal engagement framework, gender, internationalization

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