Formation of pedagogical system for individual selfdevelopment by means of physical culture and sport

Valery Panachev, Leonid Zelenin, Anatoly Opletin, Sergei Verbytskyi


Problems of formation, development and introduction of the modern pedagogical selfdevelopment system in university educational process by means of physical culture and sport have been considered in this article. Such generated pedagogical system reflects practical implementation of social order on the modern educational paradigm aimed at creation of competitive, physically and morally strong individuals. This system promotes selfrealization of students’ individuality in formation of physical culture and sport competencies as well as competencies of selfdevelopment. Contemporary conditions of society’s development and analysis of the world social cultural and educational tendencies show that recently the object of scrupulous society’s attention and the subject of interdisciplinary research have become different aspects of person’s behavior in respect of his health in many highly developed countries. The slogan of such relation is: “Health is not everything but everything without health is nothing”. And this very principle specifies the problems of students’ selfdevelopment during intensive preparation for professional activity in the course of university training. These problems are aimed at maintenance of their health and improvement of physical preparation considering formation of professional motor competences for effective and qualitative mastering of future profession and career after graduation from the university.


pedagogical system; individuality; creative selfdevelopment; selfrealization; physical culture; non-traditional methods of physical culture.

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