The influence of pedagogical leadership on the construction of professional identity: a systematic review

Inmaculada García Martínez, Pedro José Arrifano Tadeu


Introduction: This article corresponds to a systematic review analyzes the relationship of pedagogical leadership with professional identity, both concepts highly demanded by international research. Methods: The process has followed the guidelines recommended by the PRISMA statement, to predict its systematic nature. During the same, a thorough search was made of articles located in the databases Scopus and Web of Science, during the period 2007 to 2017. After the application of the inclusion criteria, 24 articles constituted the sample of the present article. Results: the selected articles highlight the strong influence of leadership in the construction of the professional identity of both the management and the teaching staff. In turn, the selected studies also contemplated the impact of professional identity on the figure of the teacher as a school leader. Discussion: There is a certain coincidence in highlighting the importance of certain factors such as teacher collaboration, greater flexibility of organizational structures or the empowerment of teachers as a way to potential the professional capital of the professional while generating internal changes in the organization leading to a school improvement.


professional identity; teacher's leadership; leadership; professional development; education

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