The Involvement of Informal Sector Workers In Society Learning Activities at Kampung Inggris Pare Kediri

Wiwin Yulianingsih, Supriyono Supriyono, Ach. Rasyad, Umi Dayati


The purpose of this research is to describe and analyze the involvement process of informal sector workers as learning society at Kampung Inggris Pare Kediri. Learning society is an entire society that develops organizational and organizational structures to guide learning opportunities which is also relevant to all members of the community. The research approach is qualitative – descriptive approach. Data collection techniques used in this study include participant observation, interview, and documentation techniques. Data analysis performed is: 1) Compilation 2) Disassembly, 3) Reordering 4) Interpreting and 5) drawing conclusion checking the validity of the data which is done using credibility, transferability, and confirmability. The results obtained shows that the involvement of informal sector workers in the activities of learning society at Kampung Inggris is influenced by high motivation, the desire to maintain social status, the presence of habituation process, apply strict rules and educating each other. The Involvement of Informal sector workers in learning society activities makes the best-selling product, which is to build social intelligence so as to have a positive impact and also the impact of economic improvement.


Involvement; Learning Society; Informal Sector; Kampung Inggris

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