Developing Civicpedia as a Civic Education E-Learning Media To Improve Students’ Information Literacy

Aim Abdulkarim, Neiny Ratmaningsih, Diana Noor Anggraini


The relevance of the research stems from the need to construct literacy information technology in 21st century learning. The essential idea of article was improving students` information literacy through “Civicpedia” as a civic education e-learning media (learning material on website, e-dictionary, video, poster, valued story, and interactive quiz). The research aims to describe : 1) the design of civicpedia as a civic education e-learning media to improve students’ information literacy; 2) the intensity of the use of civicpedia in the learning process; 3) the responses of the civicpedia users. Qualitative and quantitative approach with research and development design was used in the study. The data were obtained through observation, documentation, interview, and questionnaire. Data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and data presentation were performed to analyze qualitative data, and quantitative data analysis were shown in percentage. The participants of the research were 447 students from 54 junior high school in Bandung, Indonesia.The following was studied: 1) the concept of the civicpedia design consists of home page, dictionary page, media page, quiz and contact page; 2) steps in developing teaching materials were designed based on Curriculum of 2013, compiled on the basis of the formal education level, and contextually formulated on the current real-life controversial cases, collaborated with authentic assignments, which enhanced the students’ critical thinking, and related to unknown terms with suitable images and videos; 3) the students’ responses regarding the implementation civicpedia in the learning process were positive. The program display was considered good and the interactivity aspect was deemed very good. Most students very positively perceived the use of Civicpedia in civic education learning to improving information literacy.


Civicpedia, E-Learning Media, Civic Education, Information Literacy

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