The Effect of a Principal’s Instructional Supervisory Practice on Teacher Satisfaction in the Religious Ministry Schools of Semarang, Indonesia

Mustaqim Mustaqim


In this empirical analysis, teachers' understandings of this activity examined the effect of the instructional supervisory praxis of a teacher's satisfaction. It also examined whether other demographic factors affect teacher’s work comfortable, e.g. school category, gender, lesson to teach, and work duration. This research used a correlational survey design that applied a quantitative approach. Instrinsic variables included instructional supervision and teacher satisfaction, which emerged as the first and second variables. This study assigned 374 teachers as respondents and 72 schools, all of which are Islamic elementary schools with the school names ranging from Islamic Elementary School 50, Junior Islamic School 12, and Islamic Senior School 10. The research instrument used in this study was a questionnaire on supervision. Teachers' total satisfaction and level of job satisfaction were found to be statistically significant correlates of their teaching performance, suggesting that instructional supervisory style is an important determinant of how teachers perform. The determination coefficient shows that principals' supervisory activities lead to 93.7 percent of the total difference in the managerial satisfaction of students. Furthermore, the Pearson correlation coefficient for this relationship was positive and reasonably high (R = 0.968), and the supervisory activities of principals were statistically important measures of the executive satisfaction of teachers. The ANOVA analysis revealed that only a certain school has a positive influence on work satisfaction, gender, and lesson whereas length of experience has no significant effect.


teachers; happiness at work; key behavior; supervision of instruction

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