Role of Legal Consultants Education on Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Impact

Sahal Afhami


The purpose of this study was to examine the role of corporate legal consultant education (ECLC) on Corporate Social Responsibility which has an impact on social life.  This study uses a normative legal study approach.  Namely the statutory regulations Statute Approach, the conceptual approach, and the case study approach  as stipulated in the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 20 of 2003 concerning the National Education System, Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 40 of 2007  regarding Limited Liability Companies, Government Regulation Number 47 of 2021 concerning Social and Environmental Responsibility of Limited Liability Companies, Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number 14 of 2020, and Law Number 13 of 2011 concerning Handling of the Poor.  Based on the literature study, it is revealed that corporate legal consultant education (PHKP) is very important for companies that practice CSR.  It is believed that the ECLC can provide a basis for thinking and acting for business actors in line with the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia.  Skills in communicating and making the right decisions are beneficial for companies in establishing reciprocal relationships from social bonds with the community.  Especially to avoid social conflicts related to ulayat land, customary permits, and socio-economic problems.  These findings found that current regulations still pose a dilemma in the definition and practice of CSR.  The expected implication is that through the role of ECLC, the company can achieve a balance or integration of economic, environmental and social problems.  And at the same time can meet the expectations of stakeholders.  Companies must be guided by the triple botton lines (profits, people, and plans and consider the benefits of ECLC in CSR practices. The government needs to support the socialization of corporate legal consultant education and examine more deeply the regulations on Limited Liability Companies in order to contribute to the economic development of local communities and the wider community.



legal, education , consultant, corporate social responsibility, social impact

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