Moderate Islamic Education to Enhance Nationalism among Indonesian Islamic Student Organizations in the Era of Society 5.0

Sitti Jamilah


This study aims to investigate the role of moderate Islamic education in enhancing nationalism among Indonesian Islamic student organizations in the era of Society 5.0. The research design took a qualitative approach, and the location for the research was IAIN Parepare, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Some 21 people participated in the study, including 18 students who belonged to an Islamic student organization and three lecturers who taught Islamic religious education courses. Data were collected through observation, interviews, and documentation that focused on three themes, namely moderate Islamic education, Islamic student organizations, and nationalism. The findings revealed that the process for internalizing moderate Islamic values through Islamic religious education courses can foster a spirit of nationalism that manifests in the attitudes and behaviors of students in the community. Unfortunately, moderate Islamic education at IAIN Parepare has not been optimally applied, with observations showing that promotion of the moderate Islamic movement through seminars and workshops is still limited. In addition, students who belong to the Islamic student organization have not fully enhanced their moderate Islamic literacy on campus. In reality, moderate Islamic values are very important for improving students’ moral and intellectual capacity and instilling a broad sense of nationalism. Stakeholders should therefore support campus activities for moderate Islamic education as a way of preventing radicalism and improving the intellectual and moral capacities of Islamic college graduates. It is hoped that through moderate Islamic education and a strong sense of nationalism, Islamic student organizations throughout Indonesia can help support national development and realize a peaceful life for everyone.



Moderate Islamic Education; nationalism;Islamic Student Organization; era of society 5.0

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