The Role of Happiness in Applying Suggestopedia and Fostering the Language Learning Process

Ganka Ivanova, Doroteya Dimova-Severinova


The article is devoted to the process of learning a foreign language, replete with emotions, that has not been sufficiently studied in the domain of fostering language acquisition; specifically, learning the process through the prism of the concept of "happiness" in applying Suggestopedia. It also discusses the problem of humanistic approaches to the teaching of language and the entire learning process. Lastly, but certainly just as critically, it also provides perspectives over theories of happiness and the broaden-and-build theory of positive emotions, suggesting that certain positive emotions such as interest, joy, contentment, and awe have the capacity to broaden an individual's thought-action repertoires. Of significance to this theory is the role of suggestion as a communicative factor, which is expressed in the "offer" of the individual to make a choice from a wide range of opportunities and complex incentives. It looks at factors accelerating the harmonious development of personality, the disclosure of versatile reserve capacity memory, intellectual activity, and the creative abilities of the individual. Key highlights of this theory also include faith in the promise of success for everyone, benevolence as the basis of the relationship between teacher and pupils, as well as between the pupils themselves. Attention is given to the authority and creative role of the teacher, who provides education activities that are highly motivational and aimed at stimulating the individual student to strive not only to acquire the content of the lessons but to achieve academic excellence.


Suggestopedia, Happiness, Foreign Language, Language Teaching Approaches

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