Teamworking and Concern for Standards as Part of Employability Readiness of UAE Students` Personality

Ganka Ivanova, Rakan Alhrahsheh, Amoura Hassan Aboutaleb, Ashraf Mohamed Alazab


In the time of globalization and technological revolution, we often witness that skillset required to go through life demands are changing dramatically; more digital literacy is required and specific soft skills. The last is a growing concern, especially for growing economies and societies, where involving the local workforce is a challenge. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the government places a huge emphasis on Emiratization and puts conditions on employers to include Emirati nationals in the workforce. Preparation for work starts with attitude, raised in the family, affected by the educational system, and includes specific personality factors in specific correlation. This study aims to provide light on the status of employability readiness of the UAE students, specifically team working and concern for standards as factors correlating with employability and shows its correlations.   The last can be considered when updating university programs for preparing the UAE youth to take part in the global workforce. Results showed a strong relationship at the level of significance (α = 0.05) between concern for standards and employability, in addition, there is no effect of the gender variable (male, female) on the student's personality and the degree of his employability.



Employability; personality factors; team working; concern of standards

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