The Role of Parents’ Interests and Attitudes in Motivating Them to Homeschool Their Children

Baidi Baidi


This study was conducted to determine the effect of interest and attitude in fostering the motivation of parents to homeschool their children. This study applies a quantitative research approach and involves the parents or guardians of students engaged in homeschooling in 2017. Data was collected using a questionnaire that was distributed to 100 respondents. The data was then processed using requirements testing and hypothesis testing. The results of this study indicate that all the questionnaire items were declared valid and reliable. Based on multiple linear regression analysis, it can be concluded that interest and attitude do explain parents’ motivation to homeschool their children by 42.2%, with the interest variable increasing motivation by 0.165 and the attitude variable increasing it by 0.099.


interest, attitude, motivation, homeschooling

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