University Social Responsibility and Teachers’ Satisfaction: The Mediating Role of Reputation and Image

Thuy Chung Phan, Vu Minh Ngo, Thao Phuong Nguyen, Kurniawan Saefullah, Desmond Doran


Understanding teachers' expectations of university social responsibility (USR) is imperative for formulating effective human resources strategies within higher education institutions (HEIs). This study delves into teacher perceptions of USR within the context of higher education institutions (HEIs) in emerging countries, examining how these perceptions influence teacher satisfaction.  The mediating roles of HEIs' reputation and image in shaping this relationship are also explored.  Data were collected from 140 teachers across 15 Vietnamese universities.   The research model underwent evaluation through structural equation modeling (SEM) utilizing the Partial Least Squares path modeling. The results affirm a positive influence of teachers' perceived USR on their satisfaction with universities. Notably, both HEIs' reputation and image serve as mediating factors in this relationship. Regarding the specific USR constructs, the findings highlight that teachers' overall perception of USRs is constructed based on their engagement with educational, environmental research, and partnership responsibilities within HEIs. This study underscores the importance of cultivating a positive reputation and image when integrating USR into the governance strategies of higher education institutions.


HEIs’ image; HEIs’ reputation; job satisfaction; university social responsibility; teachers’ perception

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