Understanding the Formation Mechanism of Students’ Preparedness in Political Course Learning: The Moderating Role of Information Literacy

Al Rafni, Suryanef Suryanef, Alfi Husni Fansurya, Silvi Juwita, Cici Nur Azizah


Students’ readiness to learn politics is an important thing to consider nowadays. By encouraging positive emotions and good intrinsic learning motivation, students can prepare themselves well to learn this discipline. This study examines how self-regulated learning, competence, autonomy, relatedness, positive emotion, and intrinsic learning motivation affect political learning preparation in students. Additionally, information literacy is explored as a moderating variable on the association between positive emotion and political learning readiness, as well as intrinsic learning motivation and political learning readiness. Data were collected from 422 university politics students. Researchers first utilized SPSS to see the distribution of good data, then the SEM model and SmartPLS version 4. The study found no correlation between autonomy and intrinsic learning readiness. Other hypotheses in this study were tested and shown to be beneficial. Testing the interaction model shows that information literacy boosts positive emotions and learning motivation on political learning readiness.


Competence; intrinsic learning motivation; information literacy,;self-regulated learning; positive emotion; politic learning readiness

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