The Implementation of Tarekat Naqsyabandiyah’s Sufism Values in South Celebes

Hadarah Hadarah, A. Gani


For Muslims, particularly those interested in Sufism, the existence of Naqsyabandiyah sufi order has peculiar position. It is because of, among others, the considerable effect of sufi order’s tenet on Islamic world, particularly in Indonesian, Indian, Chinese and Middle East countries areas. In Indonesia the effect of sufi order tenet has been distributed to nearly entire areas, including in South Celebes area. Even for South Celebes people, the existence of Naqsyabandiyah sufi order plays an important part because its existence is attributed with the great teacher in this area, Syaikh Yusuf al-Makassari. Syaikh Yusuf was believed as the first one introducing Naqsyabandiyah sufi order in Indonesia. This research studied how the method to obtain fundamental values developed in Naqsyabandiyah sufi order is. Particularly, this research would also study the tenets practiced by South Celebes people. What is its historical plot in South Celebes, and what practical benefit does affect the social life of South Celebes people, particularly from ibadah and muamalah aspects.


Naqsyabandiyah sufi order, Syaikh Yusuf al-Makassari, Spiritual Street, Ihsan, Essence, and Ma’rifat.

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