Spiritual and Moral Meanings and Values of the Russian Culture as a Basis for the National and Civil Consciousness Upbringing in the Russian Youth

Aleksander M. Egorychev, Lev V. Mardakhaev, Anna G. Akhtyan, Valeriya V. Sizikova, Yanina Shimanovskaya


The relevance of the problem under study is associated with the actual situation which is characteristic for the present-day Russia and pertaining to the results of the state youth policy being carried out, the level of formation of national and civil consciousness of the Russian young people. The objective of the paper consists in detailing the philosophical bases, meanings and values of the Russian culture that can be used in organizing the upbringing and educational activity of the Russian youth. The leading approach to studying this problem was the culturological one acting as the methodological basis of studying the problem of upbringing of the national and civil consciousness in the Russian young people. The main results of the research have shown that the questions of upbringing of the contemporary Russian young people's civil and patriotic consciousness are understudied. There are only few works of social and pedagogical focus that consider these questions pointedly and productively. The research demonstrates the necessity of introducing the relevant modifications (amendments) concerning the Russian youth to the state social policy. It has to be clearly oriented to organizing the focused and consistent social and pedagogical activity which is aimed at shaping the national and civil consciousness of the rising generation on the basis of meanings and values of the Russian culture. The resulting materials are both of theoretical importance for further exploration of this range of problems and of practical importance for elaboration of objectives, provisions, and content of various state and public projects and programs pertaining to the civil and patriotic upbringing of the rising generation (children, adolescents, young people) and using them within the country's system of education at all levels (pre-school, school, professional, and further ones).


Russian young people, Russian culture, spiritual and moral meanings and values, ideology of the Russian state, civic and patriotic consciousness

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