Information competency and creative initiative of personality and their manifestation in activity

Natalia P. Tabachuk, Irina A. Ledovskikh, Nadezhda A. Shulika, Irina V. Karpova, Victor A. Kazinets, Anatolii E. Polichka


The relevance of the research is due to the global trends of development of the information society that are associated with the rapid advancement of civilization (IT penetration, increased computer availability, variability) and innovation processes in the sphere of education (competency-based approach, humanization and humanitarization). These development trends of the information society influence both the development of personality as a subject of activity and of its relevant features, such as information competency and creative initiative. With regard to this, the paper is aimed at revealing the essential meanings of the phenomena "information competency" and "creative initiative of personality" via the dialectics of their development, self-development and mutual influence. The leading method for studying this problem is modeling that allows considering in an integrated manner the existing and the other as factors detailing the mutual influence of the information competency and creative initiative of personality within the structure of its individuality, as well as detailing the dialectics of development of the information competency and creative initiative of personality through the manifestation of subjective reality in the structure of individuality. In the paper, the essence of the human information competency and its role in the development of the information society is identified and approaches to understanding the personality's creative initiative and its manifestations in the activity. The paper also details the mechanisms of transformation and integration of the processes of development of information competency and creative activity of personality as of a subject of activity. The authors refer to them the following: competence, reflexivity, "inner dialectics", subjectness, "intersubjectivity", ability of dialogue, and manifestation of individuality. The materials of the paper are of practical value for master degree students, postgraduate students, teachers of higher educational institutions and other educational establishments pursuing the research in this sphere who set themselves the objectives of building the forecast models of dynamics of the development of the personality's information competency and creative initiative.


information competency, creative initiative of personality, dialectics, individuality, self-development.

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