Integration as a Form of Acculturation of Foreign Student –Future Teacher in the Polyethnic Educational Environment of the University

Raziya Ahtarieva, Elmira Ibragimova, Gulnaz Sattarova, Gulmira Turzhanova


The adaptation of foreign students in the host country, developed during the process of acculturation, is complex and differentiated, since it occurs in the context of a dialogue of representatives of different nationalities, a dialogue of cultures. The main positive result of acculturation for students – non-native speakers is integration. The work is devoted to the study of this phenomenon by the example of Yelabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University (KFU) and S.Baishev Aktobe university (Kazakhstan). The written survey conducted by the authors makes it possible to determine the degree of integration of the students of this pedagogical university. The paper also analyzes the integrative activity of students and ways of introducing new content into the system of higher pedagogical education, taking into account the regional features.

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