Adolescent Bullying Prevention Program in Educational Institutions: From Comprehensive Research to Modification

Valentina Panfilova, Aleksey Panfilov, Yulia Gerasimova, Yulianna Enina


The article discusses the issues of preventing bullying among adolescents in the educational organization and the design and promotion of comprehensive preventive programs for educational organizations. The relevance of the study lies in the fact that bullying of students by peers and adults, one of the most common problems in the educational environment, which significantly increases the risk of psychological trauma among adolescents, leads to an escalation of aggression and violence in groups of students, a decrease in the quality of education, to emotional and neurotic problems in adolescents both during the period of study and in future adult life. The novelty of the research is seen in the fact that it is proposed to build a bullying prevention program in an educational organization in a certain sequence: “a comprehensive study - an invariant software platform -a program modification for the specifics of an educational organization”. Such an approach has a number of effects for an educational organization: a database on the socio-communicative and personal characteristics of students' development, a database on the uniqueness of the socio-psychological climate, increasing the involvement of the teaching staff in the design and implementation of anti-bullying programs. The article describes an experimental work on unfolding the sequence of building an invariant software platform for anti-bullying programs for adolescents. Empirical research results are presented. It is proved that the proposed approach to the design, launch and promotion of preventive anti-bullying programs for adolescent students increases the awareness of subjects of the educational process about bullying, reduces the frequency of situations of school bullying, and improves the socio-psychological climate of the educational organization.


Bullying; adolescent; bullying prevention; comprehensive research; modification

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