Examining the Citizenship and Democracy Education Textbook and Curriculum in terms of Global Education

Elvan Günel, Ayşegül Pehlivan


As a result of scientific and technological developments in today’s world, global education has started to take its place in the educational systems throughout the world and become more significant in recent years. Since global education has multiple effects on societies, it is also crucial in helping students to become informed, active, and global citizens. This study employs document analysis, a qualitative research method, in order to examine how the themes regarding global education are shaped in the Citizenship and Democracy Education textbook and curriculum designed for the eighth grade students. Findings of the study showed that some themes, regarding global education, are embedded into the curriculum only to provide knowledge without any emphasis on necessary skills and values, and other sub-themes completely ignored along with the global dimension of citizenship education.


Citizenship and democracy, social studies, global education

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