The relevant motivator elements to be an academic entrepreneur

Mauricio Monge-Agüero, Pedro Baena-Luna, Esther García-Río


This study aims to understand the motivation behind academic entrepreneurs launching their business ideas as a company. To accomplish this objective, we analysed the reasons that motivated seventy-four academic entrepreneurs. The results showed that there is no single motivating element for starting an entrepreneurial project for academic entrepreneurs. Among them, the identification of a business opportunity, the existence of a support network and the possibility of having qualified staff to manage them are considered relevant elements. The results of this study may be useful for researchers and agents elaborating on successful public policies for academic entrepreneurship. Due to their scientific base, these types of companies become key in improving the innovation capacity of a territory and the effect on the rest of society in general. 


academic entrepreneurship; motivation for entrepreneurship; Spin-off; technology-based company; business opportunity

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