Integrating HOTS-Based Student Electronic Worksheet: Teaching Styles in Elementary School During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Siti Dewi Maharani, Rahmi Susanti, Luluk Hanum Indarti, atikah Syamsi


This study was conducted to help improve elementary school students’ critical thinking skills by integrating student electronic worksheets (SEW) in distance or virtual learning. This research uses a mixed-method, combining quantitative and qualitative, with research instruments in the form of questionnaires, observations, and interviews, executed by the researchers with a sample of 108 students (56 male and 52 female) and six teachers at the State Elementary School 19 of Rambang Niru in Palembang revealed that: 1) teachers have not adopted technology-based learning aids such that the student worksheet is still in the form of sheets of paper; 2) most teachers lack experience in making SEW; 3) the questions given to students are not higher-order thinking skills (HOTS)-based. It is attributable to the fact that teachers still use classical media (WhatsApp) in virtual learning. Thus, the learning materials delivered by the teacher to students are less attractive. This condition lowers students' interest in learning and, in turn, makes it difficult for students to understand the lessons delivered by the teacher. The most noteworthy finding in this study is the teacher's activity in using SEW with HOTS-based questions. The researchers noted that integrating a SEW made by inserting lessons and explanations in the form of video and audio and adjusting the learning materials according to the students’ grade level made the students more interested in learning and more confident in answering questions using electronic media.


Electronic Student Worksheet, higher order thinking skills; distance learning; elementary school

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