The public behavior and the social role of national legal business education

Zulham Zulham


This study investigates the role between public behavior and the social function of the National Legal Education for the online loan literacy case. The scope of the research includes community behavior integrated with technology and consumer education concerning business law regarding Self Evaluation and Protection of Personal Information in the case of Online Loans. The normative legal study design assesses ten principal legal documents, including nine Rhode Island laws, four government regulations issued by the Minister of Communication and Information and the Financial Services Authority, and one civil code. The study focuses on positive law regarding Self Evaluation and Protection of Consumer Information and Business Law Education on Online Loans. The findings disclose that in national law, online loan literacy cases occur in digital societies. It is necessary to conduct an independent evaluation to control the exploitative attitude of people literate in online loans and determine each area of personal data protection related to rights, obligations, and sanctions based on government regulations. The second finding explains that the social role of business law education on the consumptive behavior of digital society; is shown in primary legal materials. It provides many benefits in self-evaluation and consumer protection, including self-control not to behave wastefully in using online loans, making online loan decisions, and forming a business-savvy personality. Legally, their role for digital society and business law education exists. It includes learning about making humans knowledgeable and having skills in meeting their needs and achieving a better standard of living or progress. The government needs to revise the law, encouraging healthy digital community behavior. Therefore, the rules of honesty, transparency, and justice become applicable.



Public Behavior, Social Role, National Legal Business Education

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