What Type of Citizen Am I? Examining the Development of Preservice Teachers’ Civic Identities

Esther A Enright, William Toledo


This study advances our understanding of the role social studies methods courses can play in supporting pre-service teachers’ development of their awareness of civic identities. Specifically, this study examines the use of interactive civic activities in developing preservice teachers’ awareness of how their civic identities shape their social studies instruction. We analyzed data from preservice students’ written memos, class activities, and conversations. Findings show that different instructional activities elicited differences in pre-service teachers’ reported civic identities. Additionally, we found that identities were fluid relative to the issues presented, with students identifying with multiple identity types depending on their knowledge of and orientation to the social issues. Findings indicate that further research is needed to investigate a possible relationship between perceptions of civic identities and socio-political climates, exploring the intersection between place-based theories of learning and civic identity development in preservice teachers.


civic identity; citizenship types; teacher education; social studies instruction

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